Portfolio Companies

Chops Snacks. Chops Snacks makes beef jerky that is handcrafted in a USDA-certified facility using premium beef brisket.

Dextro. Dextro is a computer vision company that helps companies work with unstructured image data by identifying and summarizing the physical contents of photos and video.

GestVision. GestVision, Inc. is commercializing a point of care diagnostic test for preeclampsia. The startup’s GestAssured Test is a simple urine test that studies show can provide accurate detection of PE and was developed by Dr. Irina Buhimschi, Director of the Center for Perinatal Research at Nationwide Children’s in Columbus, Ohio, while she was a professor at Yale.

IsoPlexis. IsoPlexis is developing a single cell immunoassay and software that provides in-depth understanding of immune cells and cancer cells. The startup is built around Yale-patented technology developed by Rong Fan, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Yale who received a 2014 National Science Foundation Career Award for his work in this area.

Junzi Kitchen. Junzi Kitchen is reinventing fast, casual Chinese food with bings and noodle bowls custom served with braised meats, Chinese vegetables, pickles, garnish and sauce.

Mental Canvas. Mental Canvas™ is a software company that is developing a new class of graphical-media-design system that lies between today’s 2D digital draw-and-paint systems and 3D computer-aided design systems, combining the ease and fluidity of sketching with expansive 3D capabilities.

PatientBank. PatientBank is a platform that makes it easy to gather and share medical records.

Rally Bus. Rally Bus provides crowd-sourced, on-demand bus travel to everything from college football games to concerts and NASCAR races.

Saphlux. Saphlux aims to commercialize an innovative semipolar GaN/sapphire substrate technology to produce a high efficiency and low cost LED developed by Yale Professor Jung Han.

Trinity Mobile Networks. Trinity Mobile Networks is building software to create direct connections between devices and speed up networks by increasing WiFi offloading.

Tummyzen. Tummyzen is an over-the-counter immediate release antacid supplement. The product is based on innovative, patented research by Dr. John Geibel, Vice Chair of Surgery at Yale.

Umi. Umi connects talented home chefs with families and individuals who crave a home cooked meal.

Wellinks. Wellinks has designed a device that tracks the wear-time and tightness levels of scoliosis braces to improve brace compliance and prevent surgeries. The data provided by the device will for the first time allow doctors to respond and customize treatment to each patient and allow parents and patients to track their progress.